The Journey Begins

I’ve been talking about starting a blog since Adi was born. I didn’t know where to start and I didn’t know what I wanted to talk about. I couldn’t decide what to name it. I wasn’t sure who my audience was going to be. One day, I decided to stop focusing on who and what and decided to focus on what I want and what I would like to read. So here we are.

David is a self employed project manager and welder. He gets contracts all over the country. Our entire relationship has always been long distance but it worked out since I’m a flight attendant. I’ve always flown to him on my days off. I say the secret to a relationship is spending time a part. You get to miss the person and you are excited to see them when you finally do. Fast forward to maternity leave and being together 24/7. WooooWeeeee, I don’t know how you couples that have been married 50 years do it. 🙂 Anyways, back to David, he doesn’t like social media. So, you won’t see much of him on this, hence the name, adi and me.

Last year, I bought a house and found out I was pregnant right about the same time. The plan was for David to fly back and forth every weekend to spend time with us. After Adilynn was born, we quickly learned that was not going to work. So I practically gave all my stuff away and went to Virginia with 2 suitcases for the both of us. As soon as we got comfortable, he was sent to Illinois. We are learning what it’s like to live out of one suitcase while we bounce around from one air bnb to the next.

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